BCP - Plan
1st Feb 2011

BCP Steps

.1 - Invocation of the Business Continuity Plan
In the event of a situation arising which requires Peninsula to invoke the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), you will be notified of this by your departmental BCP representative. They will also confirm to you whether you need to go to ICM’s Old Trafford Recovery Centre (OTRC), though you should already be aware whether you will be required at the OTRC from previous departmental briefings.

During working hours: if an incident occurs during working hours you will be briefed by your BCP rep at the earliest possible opportunity. This may be done outside the building at the emergency assembly point if possible.

Outside working hours : If you are not in work and become are aware of a major event, situation or problem that you may think would cause an invocation of the BCP you should attempt to contact your departmental BCP reps, using the contact details listed. You may also visit the BCP web site for information at


2 - Assembly point

If the building needs to be evacuated during office hours all staff should assemble at the normal emergency evacuation location point (on Scotland [Road] behind The Peninsula). A departmental roll call will be conducted and your BCP representative will instruct you to make your way to the OTRC, if your role requires that.

3 - Transport

Invocation occurs during working hours - All staff required at the OTRC as indicated by your BCP representative, should make their way there at the earliest opportunity. Your BCP representative will co-ordinate transport arrangements as much as is possible in the prevailing circumstances. Staff will be expected to share their vehicles if they have them available and accessible. If they do not have access to a vehicle staff should either use public transport or share a taxi with colleagues, using the taxi firm listed below preferably, which the company has an account with.

Invocation occurs outside working hours – The above points also apply though clearly staff will be expected to make their way from home on the following working day, to the OTRC using either their own vehicle, getting a lift with a colleague if practicable, public transport or taxi.

4 - Arrival at the OTRC

Members of the Crisis management team and BCP representatives will be on hand at OTRC to co-ordinate the arrival of staff at the OTRC. They will direct people to their place of work within the OTRC and provide information relating to the amenities and facilities on site.

5 - Working requirements

We have a fully equipped office suite available for our use at the OTRC. This will provide you with all the facilities you would expect in a modern office including phone systems, desktop PC, photocopying, printing and fax facilities are all available for your use immediately.

All the IT systems required for you to work as you would at Peninsula’s own offices will be re-created as soon as possible at OTRC by the IT team. But clearly there may be a need to work using manual systems until IT systems are up and running again.

Stationery, pens, paper based documents, brochures, manuals etc. which are needed will already be stored on-site at OTRC. Supplies of these are maintained by your departmental BCP representative.

6 - Amenities and services at OTRC

There is a fully equipped kitchen at OTRC with kettle, fridge, drinks machines, water coolers etc.

There is a full range of local amenities within walking distance.

7 - Health & Safety matters

The ICM staff who are on site at OTRC are qualified first aiders. The site complies with current health & safety legislation. An accident book is on site for use by Peninsula staff.

8 - Duration at Old Trafford Recovery Centre

Initially it may not be clear how long a disruption will affect Peninsula and require staff to work at the OTRC. The situation will be monitored and assessed by the crisis management team and staff notified as soon as possible to allow them to make more regular arrangements, if necessary.

Peninsula Business Service -Business Continuity Plan